ACT studio is an Oslo-based architecture and practice designing with bioclimatic systems, low tech solutions and sustainable materials. Our practice is based on the idea that no matter what we produce, we're going to leave a trace, and part of what we do will not regenerate. Therefore, we focus as much as we can on building only the necessary and design it with care.

Our mantra: engaged for liveable futures!

ACT is registered as a Wildcard practice by NAL (Association of Norwegian Architects).

Armelle Breuil

Arkitekt MNAL / Architecte HMO

Armelle Breuil studied at Val de Seine and graduated with Honours in 2017.
She worked at Spacegroup on Ruten public plaza, the development of Havneparken and the Vikingship museum competition before working at Architectopia between 2019-2020. There, she learned to develop an ecological approach to the conception of building and designed various kindergarten.

Armelle is curating together with Paul-Antoine Lucas and Bùi Quý Sơn an exhibition, a podcast and a publication series called Safe Space: this project is meant to be a conversation platform to address issues of diversity and representation in the architectural education, discourse and production in Norway.

Armelle also started together with Marie Payan and Julie Lauritzen the association JAM Collective in August 2021.

She is activist at Extinction Rebellion, as she believes the time of talking about the current ecological collapse is long past, it is time to ACT.